I have to admit stepping out there exercising in front of all the whole wide world was a little bit daunting for me.

I can hear you say “What??”

Well… I was super self conscious going for a walk.  I didn’t have any proper walking clothes, (would walk in jeans on the beach…not real cool girlfriend), and only had $12 joggers that used to give me shin splints.

A lot of the times I’d be uncomfortable cause well how comfy can jeans be?

I’d see that people who were out getting fit were looking rather swish while they were doing it.  You know the mega patterned leggings, fluoro Nike shoes which I loved,  and super cool caps.

Even my dog Gemma has a daggy leash and collar!!

And the other embarrassing part was the level of my fitness, or rather lack of it. Very evident.  Walking up the sandy steps back to the car was a real effort.  Greg would yell out “Are you knocked up woman?”.

And I didn’t want to admit it but yep I was pretty done physically by the end of it.

Inch by Inch….and a new piece of clothing


When Greg and I committed to walking more, I found the need to do some upgrading in the clothing department and did it with a few items at a time.

My first upgrade were the shoes. This was the biggest change and really made a mega impact!    Got myself some awesome “Sketches” runners and no more shin splints. Fancy that.  I found I would want to  go walking more often. Win Win. Plus I can run up the steps now!!

Second upgrade was to get some warmer clothes.  Found some great cheapy items from Kmart.  Head band for the ears $5 (this was a must as my ears stick out a bit)!!

Followed by some leggings – $18, long top-$6and exercise singlet-$6 which I wear to hang over my tushie so I would feel less self conscious.  The only thing I found is that my leggings weren’t as warm as I thought but hey I put another pair over the top for now.  I will probably need to invest in something a little heavier soon. Nothing worse walking when you are cold.

And lastly socks from Woolworths – $7 for a 3 pack. And I found an old padded puffer vest, gloves and beanie lurking in the wardrobe too. So now I’m toasty and comfy.

Clothes Don’t Maketh The Woman


It’s not so much about the clothes or even feeling like  you have to fit in and look the part.   I needed to feel comfy in my clothing and be able to walk and exercise without feeling restricted and incurring injury. Oh and also not freezing was a big help too.

It’s amazing what a difference those few items of clothing has done for me.  I’m loving the thought of going walking now and have them laid out the night before ready to pop on in the morning.

Though the most important thing to remember is doing the exercise.  And whatever you feel comfy and happy wearing to do that in  is what will make you want to go.

But come Summer I’ll be in my daggy shorts and loose cotton tee shirts again.  They are super comfy and cool.


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I'm Too Embarrassed To Exercise 3Helloooo, I'm Sonya and I'm one of those late starter's in the exercise department. (but you know you're never too late to start). A retired beauty therapist who likes geeking out in the online world, loves 4-legged fury friends, baking and gardening.