I recently received a Fitbit Flex 2 for Mother’s Day, (well I suppose it’s not that recent), and I thought “how cool”  as I’ve always wanted one.  And the very first thing I learn’t is that you don’t get fit by just wearing one!

There are so many different versions around – one’s with digital screens, some with trendy wrist bands and all of them providing different functions. But mine is the rubbery band – bracelet kind of one.

Simple and easy enough for me and probs one of the most basic in the range.


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But for the next 3 months I did nothing with it and left it it’s box.

I popped it into the too hard basket as I needed to set it up and connect it to an app on my phone.

And it seemed all a bit too techo for me. Ha ha!

Maybe a little bit of procrastination I think….. or I kept hoping Greg would do it for me. But he said it wasn’t that hard and I had to set it up myself. (bossy hubby).

And so I did. There was no need to worry as the set up was pretty easy.

If you’ve already got a Fitbit then you probably know what it can do and how it works. But if you don’t have one I’ll just run through a couple of the things that my little, amazing rubbery bracelet gadget can do.

 What Can A Fitbit Flex 2 Do?

  • It lets you know how many steps you have done, (and will vibrate on your wrist when you’ve hit 10,000 steps)
  • How many kilometres you’ve walked
  • Calories you’ve burnt
  • Track your water and food intake (you have to add that in manually via your phone but super easy)
  • Monitor your sleep patterns – like your amount of total sleep, restless periods and awake times.
  • Also, let’s you know if you’ve reached a constant period of activity of more than 30 minutes.
  • You can update your weight to keep track of that as well.
  • Mine is also waterproof so easy enough to leave on continuously.

But for me, I really loved how it would get “buzzy” on my wrist to let me know that I had reached the 10,000-step mark.

The second thing I learn’t was how intrigued I was about my sleep patterns. Seemed a little bit weird  knowing that my Fitbit was recording every minute I was sleeping, awake and restless during the night and without me even realising it.

After using it for a couple of weeks, I realised how knowing about all this info seemed to get me more motivated.

I think what it was is that I wanted to “up the anti” on my last days score or at least keep up the pace.

I knew that getting a good night’s sleep helps make my day a whole lot better. So I made a bit more of a conscious effort to get to bed at a proper time.  I couldn’t wait each morning to find out what my sleep patterns were the previous night.

Why? Not sure, but it has helped me be more diligent to get to bed at a good time and ease off the caffeinated drinks too.

With the walking I soon realised that to get to the desired 10,000 step mark seemed easy enough to do.  Doing a morning walk would rack up around 4,500 – 5,000 steps all before 7 am.

You may think that’s not a lot of steps, but you’ve got to remember it’s me we’re talking about….not the fittest gal on the block!


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Even if we couldn’t get out for a morning walk, during the day we both seemed to get our quota of steps fairly easily.

So I thought….mmmm…….well…… would it have made a difference if I had never got a Fitbit ?

Would I have been as keen or motivated?  And honestly I don’t think I would have been.

For me it was that ritual checking in that kept me on track.  Which gave me a bit more unction to keep active and stay motivated.

The third thing I learn’t was that it made me feel good about me!  I wasn’t getting an attack of the guilt’s but rather feeling OK .  And that’s probably because I could see how much I was doing each and every day. Feeling good about what I had accomplished for the day.

3 Things I Learn't From Wearing My Fitbit 1
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Just that constant gentle reminder to keep on keeping on.

A Little Bonus Info

I’ve got some great news for those of you that love to shop.  It’s one of the quickest ways to get quite a few thousand extra steps in your total daily count.  I didn’t think that walking around the shopping centre would add up so much and as quickly as it did. (and no I didn’t make a pit stop via the cake store either….).

Just simple things like going to and from the washing line adds up very quickly too.

So a great thing to remember is that if you are home and doing your normal household activities you accumulate your steps really quickly.  Women….. you do a lot more than you realise.  Looking after a home, garden, kids and animals adds up a to a lot of steps and kilometers too.

My Fitbit Flex 2 does need to be re-charged after a few days wearing, and usually only takes a couple of hours.

And the one thing I’m soooo……..happy about is it that it can’t count if I’ve sneaked a glass of wine!!


About Sonya

3 Things I Learn't From Wearing My Fitbit 2
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Helloooo, I'm Sonya and I'm a late starter in the exercise department and you're never too late to start. I'm a Beautician with a love of the online world, my 4-legged fury friends, baking and gardening.

How my fitbit motivated me
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