When you are over 50 and have had 3 operations in the space of 17 months you can understand why you may be a little hesitant to exercise. And on the odd occasion when I did take the dog for a walk it was a kind of a nightmare.

2 years later, I still wasn’t feeling quite right and became a bit paranoid about doing anything at all.

I had that feeling that I may break some of the good work the Dr had done to fix me all up.  Maybe I was a bit of a ”princess”. Ha ha, but I new I had to get moving.

I wasn’t suffering from an illness at the time, but had those …..well you know…… woman’s repair operations.  Prolapse bladder with bowel repair and hysterectomy (apologies for any images that my conjure up for you).

That’s when I decided that exercising wasn’t for me and I popped it into the “too hard basket”.

How I Got Moving

And then when I finally did feel Ok, I was using the “other” old excuse…..I’m just so busy, and who’s got the time to exercise?  I’m tired, have sore legs from standing up all day long.

That’s what I kept telling myself.  Who was I kidding? Sounds rather hopeless don’t you think?

Then Light Bulb Moment

I had to be honest with myself and knew that If I didn’t change something soon I definitely wouldn’t be changing the look of my flabby bottom, muffing top or my huffing and puffing lack of fitness.

So How Did I Start Some Exercise?

I found 2 ways to get going.

  1. Having a buddie to exercise with was the way I got my head around it all. It’s more fun and  you encourage each other when one of you didn’t really want to go. (So that person for me is Greg – my hubby).
  2. And not going full throttle doing it. Just one step and bite at a time. Easy peasy to start with.

My theory is that if you go for a short walk, that’s more than if you didn’t go for a walk at all. If you enjoy walking and exercising, then you are likely to go more often.

What About My Sweet Tooth

If you like to eat a few cakes from the bakery each week then reduce that to 1 or 2.  Hey, you still get to have your cake and eat it haha.

Of course, no cake is better and walking 5 times a week is too, but it’s getting back into a healthier way of life without freaking yourself out in the process, and then possibly throwing in the towel.

And most of all don’t be hard on yourself. This is How I Got moving.

“Whatever you do is always better than doing nothing and even more fun with your buddy by your side”.

About Sonya

How I Got Moving 1Helloooo, I'm Sonya and I'm one of those late starter's in the exercise department. (but you know you're never too late to start). A retired beauty therapist who likes geeking out in the online world, loves 4-legged fury friends, baking and gardening.