This easy homemade ranch dressing is tasty and simple-to-prepare and the perfect finishing touch to liven up any salad.

And we just love it!

It’s so yummy because of the combination of yoghurt and sour cream plus some at home staples you’re sure to have on hand. Dip, drizzle or caress your salad and veggies with it.

Honestly who can resist it?



So what ingredients do you need to make this Easy Homemade Ranch Dressing?

Super simple ones of course that give a great fresh flavour. It’s really lovely to make your own dressing from scratch and to customize for your own family’s tastes.

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Sour cream – light or full fat whatever you like.  It’s all about making this your own.

Yoghurt – We love the tanginess of Greek natural yoghurt.  Keeps this dressing lovely and fresh tasting plus a great source of good gut bacteria and a great source of probiotics too.

White wine vinegar – just a hint.

Honey – add more or less to your liking.  The runnier honey makes this easier to shake and combine.

Garlic – freshly crushed.  Just a smallish clove.

Lime juice –  fresh limes gives this Ranch dressing a little extra vibrancy and freshness.

Fresh Chives – not only look great but add just enough onion flavour.

Dill – dried or fresh. (whatever you have on hand at home).

Salt & pepper – a little seasoning is always the added and a teaspoon of salt and a little freshly cracked black pepper tops it all off.


If you can’t source fresh garlic substitute with garlic powder or even onion powder.  A little goes a long way.  It’s always easier to add a bit more seasoning than to take it out.

How to mix your Ranch Dressing

The easiest way to make your dressing is to mix all the ingredients together in a jar.  We used a wide mouth opening (mason type)  jar, as it’s easier to get the larger quantities into the opening.

Then all you have to do is shake.

Alternatively you can pop all the ingredients into a bowl or jug and whisk till combined.

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Homemade Ranch Dressing Recipe

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easy homemade ranch dressing
Easy Homemade Ranch Dressing
Prep Time
5 mins

A quick and easy salad dressing that's creamy and tasty

Course: Dressings
Cuisine: American
Keyword: homemade ranch dressing
Servings: 4
Calories: 41 kcal
  • ¼ cup sour cream
  • ¼ cup Greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp white wine vinegar
  • 2 tsp honey runny honey makes mixing easier
  • 1 small clove garlic crushed
  • 1 tsp fresh lime Juice
  • 1 tsp fresh chopped chives or dried dill
  • pinch of salt
  1. Place all ingredients into a screw top jar and shake to well combined. Or mix all ingredients together in a small bowl till combined.

  2. Serve straight away or store in the fridge in a sealed jar for up to 1 week. *see note

Recipe Notes

* When storing to use at a later date It's a great idea to label the jar with the date when it was made before popping into the fridge.

Nutrition Facts
Easy Homemade Ranch Dressing
Amount Per Serving
Calories 41 Calories from Fat 27
% Daily Value*
Fat 3g5%
Saturated Fat 1g6%
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.1g
Monounsaturated Fat 1g
Cholesterol 8mg3%
Sodium 5mg0%
Potassium 25mg1%
Carbohydrates 4g1%
Fiber 0.04g0%
Sugar 3g3%
Protein 0.4g1%
Vitamin A 101IU2%
Vitamin C 1mg1%
Calcium 17mg2%
Iron 0.05mg0%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


What to serve your homemade ranch dressing on.


easy homemade ranch dressing (7)



Mason Jar Salads. Pour some of your creamy ranch salad dressing into the bottom of a mason jar and top with diced cucumber, quinoa, chickpeas, chopped tomatoes, grated carrot, sprouts and rocket for a lunchtime snack.

For some dinner inspiration, this creamy ranch dressing can be used over vegetables or in a warm veggie salad as well as normal fresh salads.

Goes beautifully with chicken tenders, burgers, sandwiches and vegan patties.

Or why not pour into a shallow bowl and serve as a creamy dip and your fave crunchy veggies.



Easy Homemade Ranch Dressing (5)


Want to try other easy to make dressings?

Then you’ll probably looooove our Honey Mustard Dressing.  A massive fave in our home that we make usually once a week.  Grab the recipe here: Or you may like to try our Cauliflower Rice Salad with homemade turmeric (sweet and tangy) vinaigrette dressing.


How to store your Homemade Ranch Dressing.

As this dressing uses dairy ingredients and no preservatives, it won’t usually have a longish shelf life.  It’s best to pop onto the jar the date you made your Ranch dressing just as a reminder.

Another tip is to use well in-date dairy ingredients as they’ll more than likely have a longer shelf life than those on their way out.

And I always like to shake and do the smell test as well. The quantities in this Homemade Ranch Dressing work out to be a cup or less, so we think that it will get snaveld up really quickly.

Most of all enjoy!

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