Spring has finally sprung, gently persuading you to break free from your stagnant routine. But how can you ignite that spark of inspiration when life seems to be the same o’l same o’l, and cant get your body from park into drive?

Well if you are finding that life is on a bit of a plateau at the moment, never fear…. Here are 5 Things You Can Do If You’re Feeling Stuck to help you get clearer and go from blah to woah!




5 Things You Can Do If You're Feeling Stuck (4)


Why We Can Get Stuck

Recently I was wondering why I had been plateauing in my health and life.  Mmm….what’s going on I said to myself?

I eat healthy foods.

I cut out bread, stopped eating butter, reduced sugar, did Dry July.

Hey I walk daily so what’s going on?

This is when  Senior Detective Sonya came into play.  I said if you are doing these things then why aren’t they working as efficiently? And that’s when I got an honest answer from myself.


Answer 1. Even though I walk on the beach each morning with the dogs it’s not as long as the bike track so I wasn’t walking as far as I used to.

Answer 2. I’d been sneaking in a few wines now Dry July is over…!

Answer 3. Even though I’m making all those healthier desserts… eating two portions doesn’t mean that it ok.

Answer 4. I hadn’t been gardening as much – more time on the computer.

Answer 5. Staying up a bit later each night and missing out on quality sleep.

Answer 6. Normally I was eating around 3 pieces a fruit a day…..now it’s only 1. What’s happened with that?

I think you can see how these small little habits crept in an kinda of derailed me.



1. Getting Clear. What’s do you see as your future?

If I asked you what do you see in your future could you say this, this and this?

So my project for this season is to get fitter. I’ve decided to see the future fit version of me instead of still picturing the me that is trying to get fit?

I think if you can keep seeing the future version of myself I have the motivation to get my active wear on and take our dogs for a walk.

And if I have my tights and joggers out he night before it’s a prompter to just do it!

I love this question so much as you get to create the future you want first in the movie theatre in your head.

(the below image is a mock up of what I’d like to be in my movie) 😁

5 Things You Can Do If You're Feeling Stuck (2)


2. Breaking it Down

It’s so so  simple and somehow, amazingly helpful.  Breaking things down can reduce that “stuck-ness” into more do-able and achievable tasks to complete.

So when I think it’s 5 o’clock and I haven’t got dinner organised well then I think let me break this down.

What can I do in 1 hour?

My choices will be different.  The decision to cook chicken snittly’s is better than the lamb roast idea. You can always go to the supermarket and get a roast chicken and a bag of salad too. (much quicker, less hassle and less washing up).

Drinking 2 litres of water isn’t easy.  So lets break this down.

One glass is 250mls.  I can drink 3 before lunch. 1 after lunch and 4 from then until bedtime.

Makes it easier to see how it’s more doable.


3. Is it Easy To Achieve?

If I want 6 pack ab’s by next Monday it’s just not going to happen. Why? Because it’s not achievable unless I go and get an ab transplant.

But if I say I’m going to do 10 sit-ups in the morning and 10 sit-ups at night then I can see that it’s  achievable and I’m pretty sure I’ll do it.   (though the ab transplant might be a lot quicker)



5 Things You Can Do If You're Feeling Stuck (3)


Joy & Hope – The Magic

Let’s be honest….if it’s dreary we ain’t gonna do it.  If it’s fun we’ll be eager to do it.


4. Joy

I often think who do I get a dopamine hit from?  And my answer is usually someone or something that brings a lot of laughter and joy into my life.

So the reason I love my daily walks is because I get to go out in the morning with my dogs (and Greg) go to the beach and catch up with my fellow dog walker friends who also love a chat and laugh too.

I think if I had to walk on a walking machine at home I wouldn’t feel that same joy factor.

So what gives you your mojo? Is it Zumba maybe?


5. Hope

Having hope also means being optimistic….. and I love to be optimistic. If there is optimism in whatever you do then you have hope of a new and different outcome.  There has to be something that draws you in and gets you motivated to get out of the mundane into the magnificent.

If you can think big why think small is my philosophy!

There’s this secret hope that one day I can look like Claudia Schiffer and that’s all I have to say about that.😁

If you’ve got that blah mundane feeling about something that you’re wanting to get through, then try sprinkling it with a little Joy & Hope. It’s a pretty good formula.


So How Do We Stop Getting Stuck?

This is definitely a million dollar question!! And I’m sure most of us have plenty of answers as to why we get stuck but maybe not on how not to stay stuck. (if that makes sense!).

But really how can we stay unstuck? I think being aware and asking yourself the right questions will help.

I’ve started to ask myself different questions and it’s amazing at the different answers that seem to appear out of nowhere.

Questions like “why do I always seem to have a muffin top?” aren’t always a good question?

So I’m asking a different questions now like….

“Why am I so fit, healthy and happy eating good and nutritious foods all the time?”.

For some reason my brain seems to look for the answer. Well I’m sticking to that one anyways.


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Just a small note…. I’m sharing this post from my own personal health journey. But hey, remember, it’s not a substitute for professional medical advice, so don’t rely on it for your health or personal advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.

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