It’s amazing how choosing different words can tweak your mindset and reset your goals.

When we first started on our journey at Just One Bite at a Time to try to get fitter, healthier and skinnier, (May 2018), we quickly realised that it isn’t always about the food you do or don’t eat, but rather the changes that we encountered were often related to mindset changes we made along the way.


Greg always said from the beginning………

“We figured it was better to change by taking small steps rather than setting unrealistic goals we knew we would probably never stay focused long enough to achieve”.


And I totally agree with him too. If my goal was too huge or unreasonable like……. Say……. get 6 pack abs by next week….. I knew deep down that it’s just not going to happen – so why even try.

I’ve lost the plot a few times (well lots of times) in the past 18 months, as I’m sure you’ll agree, life is surely a little bit different for all of us now.


I was talking to one of my friends the other day (probs more like wingeing…ha ha) and she said to me,


“The road to your goal and destination isn’t usually straight”.


tweak your mindset and reset your goals


It’s often a little bit wriggly, has the occasional climb up a hill and quick decent to a valley, and the road is loaded with potholes.

When I saw it like that from her perspective it didn’t seem so bad if I messed up a bit from time to time and get off track.

(Yes it’s ok to still eat some donuts).

I still go back to my 1% rule post how the smallest change becomes cumulative. (I talk about my addiction to vanilla slices)

Tweaking Your Words

Mmmm……It got me thinking and thought that instead of saying…..

I’ll get to my goal weight by this time and this date, I can rephrase it and say,

“I’m doing the best I can with what I have and getting one step closer to my goal weight every day”.

And instantly the pressure came off, and it became more of a reality for me to achieve.


Yep a quick flip of your mindset can change how you think about your outcome.

By tweaking a few words in your vocabulary, you can change your mindset and turn and impossibility into a probability.

For me I get drawn to laughter and anything that is funny. For some reason when my mood shifts it’s easier for me to change up my mindset. If I can laugh at myself then it seems to take the pressure of getting it all right.


I’ve always felt that Spring is a great time to reboot the system too. With the warmer weather just around the corner we tend to be more outdoorsy, shed clothes and become more active. So aligning your mindset will hopefully speed up the process too.

Greg and I are still learning all the time and haven’t got it all together, but the main thing is we keep trying.

Like the old Mortein bug spray ad that used to be on tele all the time when I was a kid,

“Keep on Keeping on my friends.




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