If you ask us about the kind of things we’ve given up to help support our healthier lifestyle you’d probably think we would say oh…sugar, carbs and alcohol.

Well…. that’s kind of true…but the one thing we would have to say that’s made the biggest difference is when we changed our television habits and why we only watch fun things on Tv now.

(Mmmm…you’re probably thinking… are they for real…?) 😂

This was a decision that’s we choses to do way back around 2014, and even though we started it way before Just One Bite at a Time journey, it’s seems even more important for both of us now.

Now we’re not sending hate vibes to the TV networks or anything like that, as we do still love a great movie, an awesome Netflix show and watching television.

We’re not giving TV the flick altogether.

This has been our personal choice and we haven’t looked back.


So Why We Changed Our Television Habits

One night it was the usual routine of making dinner, catching up on everyone’s day and turning on the TV to watch the daily events.

Everyone was hungry and talking about what they did during the day, but in the background was the news interrupting the conversation, grabbing our attention and usually not about anything that really brings any kind of joy. But rather sadness and fear.

And just like clockwork It would put a damper on the evening at 6 pm.  And you could say it was a little soul sucking as well.

We asked ourselves….”Why are we even watching this?”

It was then, in  just a moment we both thought that it’s time to say “no thanks” to sad and dreary TV. And honestly we haven’t missed it.

So our mission from then on was to only watch fun, uplifting and inspiring shows.


Why We Only Watch Fun Things on TV (2)


Your Brain and Watching Fun Things

At the time, this small change was giving us feel good vibes. When you binge watch your favourite TV series you get a great feeling and your dopamine levels change, which is one of the reasons why us humans, feel the need to watch an entire series in one hit.

We swapped out the usual news and current affairs programs for fun comedies, travel destination programs, re-runs of Friends and of course loads of cooking shows. With more laughing going on and up leveling our cooking skills and dreaming of travel, it was a win win.


Why We Only Watch Fun Things on TV (1)


So What Do You Do To Find Out Information Then?

For some reason we still find out all that we need to know, about what we need to know,. If you know what I mean…! 😁

We used to think that we had to know what was going on in the world as soon as things happened.  But after making the change in our television habits we didn’t feel that we were any less informed.

Sometimes at work people would fill us in on the daily events.  A customer once asked me my thoughts about something that was currently on TV. She asked me why I hadn’t heard about this as it was all over the news at that time.

I felt a little embarrassed to say that we didn’t watch the news but that was actually the truth. She seemed a little puzzled at my comment.  But I found out about it from her anyway.  Just in a different format.

The upside was that I seemed to less alarmed at the information she shared with me.


Are We Hooked Fun Shows Now?

I suppose you could say we love the feel good kind of shows. It’s no secret that when it comes to TV we all secretly crave a good laugh over a dull program. Studies have shown that most of us opt for shows that are lighthearted and humorous, leaving the serious and informative ones in the dust.

Now we have to say on the odd occasion while switching channels we would get a glimpse of the news and listen in.  But after around a minute it gets flipped to the cooking channel or the gardening and home improvement shows.  It just doesn’t seem to entice us anymore.

If there was a Channel with only feel good stories I’m sure we would be tuning in all the time. But sadly the negative ones seem to outshine them.

What About No TV At All?

About a year ago our Television broke and there was nothing to watch.  It was actually a lovely 2 weeks of bliss.  Now as lovely as it was we can’t say that we would totally live without television.  If you feel that TV may have a bit of a hold on your daily routine and you would like to change things up, then you may love this awesome article on 59 Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV. 

Let us know how you go!

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