In the Summer holidays do you find yourself always going to the same beach and you might feel you need a change….then why not venture on out to Murrays Beach in Booderee Jervis Bay.


The other day it was rather hot and we were feeling kind of lost and listless, so we decided to venture on out to the Booderee National Park to find a new beach to have a quick dip  We love going to Booderee National Park, but during the Summer months (Christmas and primetime holiday period) it can get kinda busy if you leave it too late in the day.




Murrays Beach and Boat Ramp

Murrays Beach is next to the Murrays Beach Boat Ramp and has a massive carpark between each entrance.  The beach is located further along to the east of the car park by walking along the gorgeous leafy green canopy of native plants.



Only a short 200 metre walk with a tiny footbridge to manage and a little incline but nothing too drastic to manage.  If you are taking a buggy loaded with towels, beach toys and umbrellas you should be able to maneuver it ok along the track.



At the end of the track you are greeted with an eye catching view of the aqua crystal clear waters of Murrays Beach and Jervis Bay and also a  pretty awesome close up of Bowen Island. Rather special to see.  Honestly I couldn’t even remember the last time I was at Murrays, probs when I was a teenager and am embarrassed to even confess that here on the blog.

The day we ventured out it was a spectacular high tide. Absolutely gorgeous.  The water was so clear and the shoreline full of happy beach goers.

(Just a  word of warning during high tide – if you are taking a largish esky loaded full to the brim, even if it’s on wheels it may be a bit of a challenge to wheel along the high tide beach line mark).


Shaded Beach

Murrays Beach is perfect if you’re in need of some dappled shade.  The beach is lined with gorgeous gums and banksia’s that provide lovely coolness if you venture to the left side of the beach you may need to bring an umbrella or cabana to create your own shaded area.

What to do at Murrays Beach

For the 90 minutes we were at Murrays Beach we saw snorkelers, Stand up paddle boards, kids amusing themselves with games, people walking, fishing and even a couple doing Brazilian dancing. Most of all  everyone was in a great mood and enjoying the beautiful water and white sand.

Always worth the walk and drive out to Booderee’s gorgeous beaches.

Booderee is Aboriginal land. Parks Australia works hand in hand with the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community to manage Booderee. The Visitors Centre is located at the entry to the park

The Booderee National Park is open 7 days a week.  Opening and closing hours from 7am to 6pm and park passes are required on entry.  You can find the link here.

Directions to the park are here

Happy Holidays and remember to get there early xx

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